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How Tendido works


place order in the mobile app

  1. Show on a map where you car is
  2. Select desired services
  3. Pick up the convenient time
our cleaner comes to you
The cleaner sees the order in the system and will come to your car as planned


you'll get your car cleaned

Roughly - 45-60 min. Depending on how dirty the vehicle was.

When the wash is over - you'll get a notification on your mobile app

How is the washing done?
1. Spray shampoo and wait for a little
The cleaner sprays a special polishing shampoo designed for "dry" washing on the car's body. It soaks dirt and sand, separating them from the car’s body so the cleaner can safely remove them.
2. Removing the dirt and polishing
The dirt is removed from the car's body by carefully moving the microfiber towel in one direction. Unlike ordinary cotton, microfiber towels "capture" the dirt inside.
3. Cleaning up the interior

It includes torpedo cleaning, washing floor mats and door sills. We connect it to the cigarette lighter for cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

Order the wash via mobile app
Our cleaner comes to you and starts the wash
Spray shampoo
And wait a bit till it soaks dirt and sand, separating them from the car’s body so the cleaner can safely remove them.
Remove the dirt
Using a microfiber towel. Unlike ordinary fabric, they "grab" the dirt.
Cleaning the interior
Your car is nice and clean
Exterior (body) wash
From 200 uah.
  1. Car body parts washing and polishing.
  2. Windows and mirrors washing and polishing.
  3. Wheels cleaning
  4. Additional - Rubber blackening (45 uah.)
  5. Additional - Bitumen removal of (55 uah.)
Complex (interior & exterior)
From 320 uah.
Exterior +
  1. Salon vacuum cleaner
  2. Torpedoes and other surfaces cleaning
  3. Washing floor mats and door sills
  4. Vacuuming the trunk
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Customer reviews
I am using it for the second time. And it looks like it will become a good habit. Thank you for your service!
You work, and the car is being washed. It turns out that it has long been a regular practice in Europe. 💥
Анна Булатнікова
While I'm enjoying my latte and reading a book,
@tendido_app wash my car
Join us!
Work when you want.
Wash the cars nearby and earn!
How do you wash without water?
Dry-washing is a washing method in which the car body is cleaned without water. The principal means for such a wash is shampoo-polish, applied using a sprayer. Dirt from the surface of the car body is removed using a microfiber cloth. The use of such napkins largely ensures the success of washing without water. Using ordinary cotton towels for dry cleaning is not practiced because they cannot absorb moisture and dirt as well as microfiber ones.
OK, but where does the garbage go?
We take the garbage with us in garbage bags.
Will my car be scratched?
This is a myth because the microfiber cloth is very soft and quickly absorbs moisture and dirt. The dry cleaning agent does not give sand and dust any chance since, with the help of various additives, it envelops the particles and does not allow scratching of the lacquered surface of the car.
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